ISPConfig Billing Module 2.0.2 released

The ISPConfig Billing Module 2.0.2 has been released. This update contains a new PDF invoice template with a ‘Type’ column, some minor enhancements, and bugfixes for the ISPConfig Billing Module.


  • New PDF invoice template with Type column.
  • Add variable {REMINDER_DATE} in reminder email templates.
  • Added column invoice_recurring_item_id in invoice_item database table.
  • Add option in client settings if contact name shall be included in address on PDF invoices.
  • Prevent that a client resync adds duplicate recurring items.
  • Account Holder field was not used in SEPA XML export files.
  • Improved Redirects in action menu.
  • Icon to show parent items on client desktop is working again.
  • Fixed some issues in cancellation period calculation.
  • Prevet the creation of an email message during invoice run when client has no email address set.

Customers that purchased their Billing Module license within the last 12 months will get an update notification by email from containing the download link of the new version.

More details on the ISPConfig Billing Module and a online demo can be found here.