ISPConfig Migration Toolkit 2.2.7 Released

A new version of the ISPConfig Migration Toolkit has been released today. This version adds support for PHP 8.2 in the ISPConfig Migration Tool and ISPCopy.

What is the ISPConfig Migration Toolkit?

The ISPConfig Migration Toolkit is software that migrates ISPConfig installations to a new server. It can also import Confixx, Plesk, and CPanel systems into ISPConfig.

The Migration Toolkit consists of 2 applications, the ISPConfig Migration Tool and ISPCopy. The Migration tool imports configuration and data using the ISPConfig remote API, which is very flexible and allows for selecting which websites or clients should be moved. ISPCopy works differently as it copies config files and ISPConfig itself to a new server using SSH. More details can be found on the Migration Toolkit page.

How to use the ISPConfig Migration Tool

A step-by-step guide for migrating an ISPConfig installation or to migrate Plesk or CPanel to ISPConfig can be found here:

You can try the migration in dry-run mode without a license; enter “TRIAL” as the license key. The Migration Tool does not alter your source system.

ISPConfig Migration Toolkit 2.2.7 Download

The Migration Toolkit can be downloaded here.