Tutorial: Protect phpMyAdmin On An ISPConfig 3 Server (Debian)

May 21, 2010

With this small howto I explain how to protect your phpmyadmin installation on your Debian server with ISPConfig3 against hack attempts as much as possible. I assume that you already have an ISPConfig3 server running on Debian, which has been set up according to this howto and that phpmyadmin has been installed from the Debian […]


ISPConfig released

March 22, 2010

ISPConfig is available for download. This release fixes some bugs that were found in ISPConfig 3.0.2. For a detailed list of changes, please see the changelog section below. List of changes and new features The is available for download here.


ISPConfig 3.0.2 released

March 11, 2010

This is the final version of the ISPConfig 3.0.2. This release is a major release of the ISPConfig 3 Hosting Control panel which brings many new features, improves the functionality and contains fixes for several bugs. List of changes and new features The 3.0.2 is available for download here.


ISPConfig 2.2.35 released

November 25, 2009

This ISPConfig fixes a bug in the backup function and adds a fix for ClamAV on Fedora Linux. Detailed Changelog Bugfix: Fixed a security problem in the ispconfig backup script. Many thanks to Quintin Russ for reporting this problem and testing the bugfix. Bugfix: Added a patch that fixed a compile problem in ClamAV on […]