ISPConfig Billing Module 2.0 for ISPConfig 3.1 released

The ISPConfig Billing module for ISPConfig 3.1 is available now.


What’s new in ISPConfig Billing 2.0?

  • Complete new UI, compatible with ISPConfig 3.1
  • Export function for invoices and refunds in CSV format.
  • A new manual is available for the Billing Module 2.o.
  • Many bugfixes and other improvements.

Please take a look at the Billing Module page for a detailed feature list.

ISPConfig 3.1 Demo with Billing Module 2.0 Installed

Login Details
User: admin
Password: demo


ISPConfig Billing Module Updates

Customers that purchased a Billing Module license in the past 12 months can download the new version directly through their download link at

Customers that purchased the license more than 12 months ago can buy the update for 39 EUR plus VAT. You will receive a rebate code by email in the next 24 hours from us. Please contact us if you did not receive your rebate code until Sept. 30.