ISPConfig 3 Billing Module

The ISPConfig 3 Billing Module is a provider billing software for ISPConfig 3. It is an integrated extension to add billing and invoicing features to the ISPConfig 3 Control Panel. The Billing Module is tightly integrated into ISPConfig and can be accessed from within the ISPConfig 3 administrator login. Please find below the feature list and the download links for the manuals which describe all features in detail.

Price: € 59.00 (excl. VAT)


  • Create invoices by invoice editor.
  • Automatically create invoices based on recurring items / subscriptions (e.g. domains, websites, support contracts, etc.).
  • Save invoices as PDF file.
  • Creation of credits.
  • Creation of proforma Invoices
  • Sending invoices via email.
  • Sending payment reminders via email.
  • Item templates
  • Email templates
  • Invoice templates for PDF invoices
  • Support for multiple clients / companies with separate account number ranges.
  • Providing client invoices in the ISPConfig login.
  • Expansion of client attitudes from ISPConfig to specific details such as bill payment, e-mail of the billing and payment gateway.
  • Automatic assignment of account numbers.
  • Creating recurring items based on the ISPConfig client templates.
  • The Billing Module is integrated in ISPConfig and ISPConfig can be accessed via the administrator login.
  • The Billing Module is delivered in source code, so that individual adjustments are possible.
  • Support for PayPal payments.
  • Dashboard plugin to display invoices in the client login.
  • External payment link landing page for automated payments from customers.

ISPConfig 3.0.5 Demo With Billing Module 1.3 Installed

Login Details

User: admin
Password: demo


Whats new in Billing Module version 1.3

  • Ability to send reminder for items that don’t renew automatically like SSL certificates.
  • Added support for multiple invoice number patterns and for range of numbers.
  • Added a checkbox “refunded” in invoice settings.
  • Bank account details can be stored in customer details now.
  • More placeholders in email templates.
  • Payment reminder system.
  • Cron script to create recurring invoices.
  • Many bugfixes and other small improvements.
  • more

Billing Module Manual and API example files

The manual describes all features of the ISPConfig 3 Billing Addon in detail incl. Screenshots. Download the manual for free in German or English language below:

System Requirements

  • ISPConfig >= 3.0.5
  • PHP >= 5.3
  • The PHP cURL extension must be installed.

License And Terms

The ISPConfig 3 Billing Module is subject to the following license :

The licensee has the right to use the Software on a single ISPConfig 3 control panel server. In a multiserver ISPConfig 3 installation, a license for the “master” server is needed, the slave servers do not require their own licenses. The ISPConfig 3 Billing Module is delivered in source code. Modifications of the source code for your own use are permitted. The source code of the Billing Module must not be disclosed to third parties or published. The useful life is not limited in time. The licensee is entitled to install the Billing Module on a second server for testing purposes, as long as this server is not used actively for billing purposes. For questions about the license, you should contact [email protected]

The ISPConfig Billing Module is priced at 59 EUR (plus VAT for customers from the European Union) for each server.