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Linux Tutorials

HowtoForge is publishing Linux tutorials since 2005. With thousands of Linux tutorials about any topic and the most popular Linux distributions, it has become one of the largest sources for Linux knowledge. HowtoForge is also hosting lots of ISPConfig tutorials, like, for example, the well-known “The Perfect Server” series.





B2B Email List Builder
Bookyourdata is a realtime online direct email list-builder company that you can search, order and download superior accurate business email contact lists just in seconds. It gives you 100% control of what you search, what you filter, counts, pricing, any selection of job levels, job titles, job functions, industries, countries and etc. in real-time. The core difference here is our 95% email deliverability guarantee policy with Best-Price-Guarantee promise for over 170 countries direct business contacts.





Hosting (nginx Hosting, SSD Hosting), managed servers, domains, SSL certificates 

Timme Hosting is Germany’s specialist for nginx hosting (pronounced “Engine X”). This ultra-fast webserver allows you to boost your site by up to 50% which makes it an ideal match for any CMS or online shop. Timme Hosting is using very fast enterprise SSDs (solid state disks) that outperform normal hard drives by a factor of 450 in regards of IOPS.

Timme Hosting uses ISPConfig for managing its servers.





Website Monitoring and Performance Testing Solutions

Providing award-winning monitoring solutions and services since 1998, Dotcom-Monitor is an industry leader in website and web application monitoring. Dotcom-Monitor makes it easier than ever to verify performance, functionality, and uptime of website, web servers, APIs, and more. Using a global monitoring network, Dotcom-Monitor is able to quickly identify where performance issues originate, and provide alerts so you can take quick action to correct web errors and ensure an optimal end-user experience.





Load Testing and Website Performance Tools

LoadView is a full suite of web performance tools that allows DevOps teams to load and stress test their websites, web applications, and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections in real browsers deployed from fully-managed cloud infrastructure. LoadView is 100% managed with no hardware to provision, and no network to maintain. LoadView utilizes Amazon AWS and Azure Cloud Services to create seamless, scalable testing infrastructure that you can deploy in minutes.



Web Hosting Buddy


Honest Web Hosting Reviews and Coding Tutorials

A rarity in the web hosting world, Web Hosting Buddy is a site that actually tells the truth! Whether you’re looking to host a WordPress blog, a business website, or something else—Web Hosting Buddy is the Internet’s go-to source for real, honest breakdowns of today’s most popular web hosting companies. On top of that, they’ve got tons of coding tutorials for beginners (and advanced coders as well) if you’re looking to learn PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or customize your website.





Instantly test your website speed and receive a detailed, element-level waterfall chart from two dozen locations around the world. Use Dotcom-Tools to test and optimize the speed and performance of your website and web application. These are the only free online website performance test tools that give you global results from the end-user’s perspective.